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Baby and Toddler Reflexology

Baby & Toddler Reflex is specialially adapted reflexology for parents to learn that may help with:

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Relieving colic, wind, constipation & tummy upsets
  • Easing teething pains, reducing ear & sinus congestion
  • Enhancing sleep, calming and relaxing

Easy to learn

Privately or in small groups.

The course is taught in 3 workshops for baby reflex themed feeding/digesting, sleeping/comforting and finally well being. Toddler reflex is taught in 2 weekly 1 hour workshops (with an optional third) themed with nursery rhymes for simplicity.

You can use baby reflex on babies from 4 weeks old. Toddler reflex is designed for ages 10 months onwards.

“Do children really like Baby/Toddler reflex?”

Mostly they relax, fall asleep and love it!

"Oliver (5) had been frequently suffering with respiratory infections. He benefited from the therapy and actually started to look forward to his reflex sessions,which made him feel really relaxed and by the end he would be nearly asleep. We can highly recommend Linn Booth." I Plumbridge

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