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Linn Booth Holistic Therapies provides therapies for babies up to the elderly...


Lay back, relax and enjoy a natural holistic therapy which is worked on the hands or feet. This ancient form of massage is based on the principle that energy zones run throughout the body. Reflex points that correspond to organs and glands within the body are massaged using special techniques. It may detect areas of imbalance. A gentle and soothing massage using a variety of techniques are used and adapted for a personal treatment.

"In the East reflexology is viewed as a preventative treatment, keeping energy flowing throughout the body, so helping to prevent illness setting in."

Linn also includes the revolutionary vertical reflexology that has been found to enhance the conventional reflexology therapy.

What is VRT?

VRT is vertical reflex therapy. This works on the top of the feet and/or the hands while the client is standing. Working on the reflex points while standing & weight bearing allows deeper access to reflex points intensifying the level of treatment.

This technique has been known to achieve significant results within minutes.

Reflexology: "The whole experience from start to finish left me in a state of immense relaxation and I instantly saw improvements in my sleep patterns and in the

back pains I had been experiencing. I can’t recommend this therapy enough!", C Bell


Experience the benefits of this holistic therapy, a slow and soothing massage including specialised techniques of pressure points and lymph drainage.

Allow the unique combination of oils to gently be absorbed by your body. Linn will help create a blend tailored specially for you. One of the finest anti-stress therapies available.

Working on the whole body with special attention to face, scalp, hands and feet.

"Linn’s skilled hands and knowledge of aromatherapy oils join to give the best massage I’ve had. In her lovely farm house by a real log fire creates a special atmosphere." C Hodson

Swedish massage

This smooth flowing massage using oils or creams just glides over you. Designed to ease tension, relieve stress and promote a general state of well-being.

Massage has been known to improve circulation by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues.

May help increase flexibility and mobility, which in turn may help reduce pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.

"Relaxing and soothing the tiredness and tension from sore muscles" Elizabeth Bland

Indian Head

Take a seat and relax on a low backed chair and enjoy this therapeutic massage, which helps to relieve aches and pains, alleviating stress and rebalancing your bodies energy flow. A soothing massage to the head, scalp, face and neck extending to the shoulders and upper back.

For added relaxation let Linn help you choose from a range of essential aromatherapy oils to enhance the deep relaxation sensation. Indian head can be performed with or without essential oils.

"Relax in the comfort of your own home or in my warm, inviting surroundings often with a real log fire.."

Maternity Reflexology

I hold a certificate in maternity reflexology that is specifically for preconception, pregnancy, birthing the postnatal period and the baby.

Maternity reflexology is the expertise of the reflex practitioner in using a natural therapy to support the natural event of pregnancy

Maternity reflexology research has shown that those receiving regular reflexology during pregnancy have better pregnancies and have shorter birthing with less intervention.

Baby Massage

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Baby and Toddler Reflexology

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